Life’s Little Pleasures

There are things in life that just make you smile. Little things that send give you a rush of happiness. These things vary from person to person. They can be tiny, big, weird or everyday items, but all contain that little fragment of joy that makes life that bit nicer to live.

For me, I have a number of different things. Here are three of my own personal life’s little pleasures:

1) Singing along to my favourite songs. Particularly when no one is watching. I can sing along to my heart’s content, knowing all the words, and not caring how awful my singing actually is. It gives me a certain freedom that introverted me shies away from in the company of other people – the chance to just break free.

2) Buying a new book. Or an old one. This encompasses so many things – the weight of the book in your hands, the smell as you open the pages, and the excitement of another adventure that is waiting just over the page. Moreover, it is the fact that the book is mine, and I can read it whenever I want, and cherish it the way I feel a book should be cherished.

3) Baking cakes. My sweet tooth is massive and desserts are my favourite part of the meal. Be it chocolate cake, cheesecake, or apple crumble, I just love it, and there is nothing more rewarding than eating something you have made yourself (when it comes to food at least). Baking is tasty and it is fun. This morning I made brownies, but I think my most prized creation was Mars Bar Cheesecake – both of which are pictured below.










Those are three of the things that make my life a little more fun to live. Comment below with your own little pleasures, I’m curious to see what everyone has to say.



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