Aeroplanes, Seaplanes and Dambusters – The RAF Museum

Recently, I went to the RAF Museum in London with my dad and brother. The place is giant, but I suppose it has to be in order to accommodate all those planes, helicopters and ships. There are a lot of them, from the beginning of human flight up until the present day. There are a number of exhibits, each detailing different aspects of flight and the RAF and each in different hangars.


Our visit started off with the Milestones of Flight exhibition and ended with a look at the earliest planes to be made. There is also an exhibit on the Battle of Britain, a collection of bomber aircraft as well as a Seaplane Tender 206 that you can walk through – it is practically a ship, or maybe more like a submarine, but still pretty cool either way. There is also an exhibit on the famous Dambusters, which is quite incredible to see and learn the history behind (a bomb that bounces, can’t get much better than that.)

Everything on display is given a board with a brief history and background. Occasionally there is also a story from when the craft was in action, or a notice telling you which films the exact plane on display was featured in. Some were recovered planes that had crashed while others were simply retired. Some even had dummy figures to give them a ‘human touch’.


There are some interactive parts of the museum, but not much. Many touch screen panels throughout the place give you further information about what is on display, and some provide a game or challenge. I had a go at being a traffic controller. The planes I was supposed to be controlling? Crashed. We also went into a 4D cinema which was quite fun, even if we did get sprayed in the face with air every time there was an explosion.

Food-wise, there was not much on offer. We just satisfied ourselves with cake, but it could be worse. The airfix exhibition was also a bit of a let-down – there was not much there at all, but the rest of the museum more than made up for it. Visits to the museum are free, but you do have to pay for the cinemas, simulators, and parking (not much though). I would certainly recommend going to the museum. It is incredibly easy to spend the day there and you learn a lot in the process.



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