First Draft: Complete

Well I did it. After what has seemed like ages, I have typed those two glorious words: ‘The End’. With the first draft done, a great sense of peace and achievement has descended upon me. I actually did it, the fact is still thinking in. My final word count is at 104,281 words, with 44 chapters. Right now I don’t particularly care about the numbers. I have typed me heart out and written a story I wanted to write.

I did find that completing my first draft unleashed a wave of creativity and inspiration in me. So, to celebrate the end, I decided the channel that energy into painting a portrait of one of my characters as she appears during the climax of the novel. An introduction to this character can be found here, along with a rough version of her appearance. I used that image as a guide tow work from for my painting. This ensured that certain facial features were kept constant, and that the finished piece of artwork resembled the character. Below you can find the final painting as well as a video of the painting process.


Of course, despite all the celebrations, I am by no means done – there is still plenty of work to do. But first I am going to give myself a break and not even think of the novel. Once it is well and truly out of my mind, and I have prepared myself mentally, that is when the editing process shall begin. In the meantime, I shall begin writing another story I have had in the works, this time the first in a series, so that shall be fun. Who knows, maybe one day I will actually see my name and words in print. One can dream.



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