Practicing Photography

I enjoy photography. There is something quite special about being behind a camera, snapping pictures of the world around you. It is as if you are capturing a moment of time and freezing it forever, making an instant eternal. I am by no means any good at photography. I get confused over aperture and shutter settings; I spend more time on the auto-setting than I probably should. But my lack of professionalism only serves to make me even more pleased when a good photograph comes out. It also makes me appreciate the professionals a lot more. Whereupon I rely on luck, they have skill.

Despite the enjoyment I get from being a complete amateur, I do want to improve my photography and have at least some basic understanding of how it works. So, on one sunny day this summer, I set out to have a go on some of the other settings that were not the automatic button. This mainly consisted of macro, and basic focusing. I still need some practice before being able to go completely manual. Here are a few of the results:




flower 3



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