Novel Update

I have been quite busy lately trying to get this novel finished, and I have some good news. The first 40 chapters have been completed, giving me a current total word count of 95,962 words. This is exciting for me as it means that I have, as of today, reached the highest word count in anything I have written and I am less than 5000 words away from the almighty 100,000. I also have, if my planning works out, only four chapters left until I write ‘The End.’

In order to finish by midnight on Saturday, I am going to have to type like crazy. My chapters are on average 2000 words each and it takes me around 2 hours to write that much on a good day. With only three days remaining, my plan is to write two and a half chapters, that is 3000 words, for the next two days. That leaves me with Saturday to just spend enjoying writing my final chapter and saying my fond farewells to characters that have been with me for the entire summer.

Of course, that does not necessarily mean I will be in any way done on Saturday, just that the first draft will be complete. September shall be the month this novel spends in isolation while I work on another. Then, in October, I shall begin the editing process. Scary thought, but I shall persevere. I want to get the majority of the editing done by the beginning of November, so that once Nanowrimo starts again, I won’t have to worry about it too much and just focus on my Nanowrimo novel.

Fingers crossed this time management works out for once. It does feel good to be organised.



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