Introducing Fayna – Main Character

A long while ago I introduced the first of my main POV characters. Now it is time I present the second one. Fayna.

Fayna began her existence as a minor character, a character who went along with everything my villain, Tarianne, said.  Then she developed a conscience. From then on I found I actually enjoyed writing about her. However, it was only when I made the conscious decision to have more than one POV that she became a main character. While Annaliese would be out gallivanting around, I wanted someone trapped in the confines of the Temple Palace, in a more claustrophobic atmosphere, who had access to the villains. Fayna fit the bill.

Her name is made up of Faye and Luna, meaning fairy and moon respectively. However, I recently discovered that Fayna can also mean shining. All definitions do fit her to a degree as she is a member of the Moon Folk (one of the religions in the book) and she, as do fae, has a magical gift, in this case the ability to sense death.

In terms of appearance, I wanted to give her a face that was not particularly eye-catching. This was primarily because the symbols on her forehead would do enough of that for her. They are there as a representation of time passing and change, both of which figure considerably in her background and connection to death. Her wide-set eyes show tolerance while her hair has been kept short to contrast with the other Moon Folk, who by tradition keep theirs long. This differentiates her and sets her out as different which, for all intents and purposes, she is.


                That is a basic introduction to Fayna for you. I did not want to go into too much detail for fear of ruining or spoiling certain aspects of the novel. The writing of which has been going slowly, but going nonetheless. I am currently over 85,000 words, and hope to reach 90,000 by Friday. By the end of next week, and the month, I aim to finish the first draft. Once that is done, I shall be working primarily on a series I’ve been planning until October, when the editing process shall begin in earnest. That is if all goes according to plan, which I very much hope it will.



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