Update: Introducing Tarianne – Villainess

Today has been a remarkable day for writing. Not only have I managed to write 7839 words of my 10,000 Weekend Word Challenge, but I am also 5000 words away from my Camp Nanowrimo 30,000 word aim and I have broken the 70,000 word barrier of my overall novel total. Phew, I am exhausted.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and because I am feeling quite pleased with myself, I have decided to introduce you to my villain. People of the word, I present to you Tarianne (sorry for the poor quality, my scanner is not that great and it is taken out my sketchbook):


Tarianne is a character I really want to hate, but can’t help liking. She is the leader of the Luna Witches, but is slowly losing control of the world she created for herself and her followers, sinking further into paranoia as she does so. Gifted since birth with the ability to control blood, she is feared by all those who serve her.

The red eyes you can see in the image represent this gift, as when she uses it her eyes become bloodshot and the veins in her body become more pronounced as blood flow increases near the surface. I was not quite sure how to do bloodshot eyes without it looking weird, so I just left it as that. The crescent moon by her eye also appears on the other side of her face; they are symbols of her allegiance and her gift.

Her name, Tarianne, is a variant of Tarian, welsh in origin and meaning coat-of-arms, or shield. I picked this for her as during her early career, she acted as a kind of shield, defending those who would otherwise have been left to slaughter, all the while becoming a symbol for them to look up to. It reflect who she was and so shows how much she has been corrupted over the years. It also mirrors the name of one of my heroines, Annaliese, in a way. Both include Ann, meaning grace, and so create a kind of duality between the two. And I thought it was a quite awesome name.

That’s all for today. I hope you found that interesting. Bring on tomorrow where I hope to complete my 10,000 Weekend Word Challenge!



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