At the End of the Lane

When I was younger, around 5 years old, I used to live in a house at the end of a lane, with a forest at the end of the garden. Now, to any one, having a forest so close would be pretty exciting particularly with the deer that roamed through it. To five year old me, the whole thing was magical. My parents used to tell me stories of fairies that danced about the trees and came to visit my brother and I when the sun was down. We loved them.

Thirteen years on, and it was my 18th birthday. As this was a pretty important birthday (me becoming an adult and all that), my parents harked back to the days of fairies, and gave me a bound copy of the stories I had been told as a child that my mum had written down. Now, after an age of meticulous editing and constant phone calls, this book is out and ready to buy.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. In return for the amazing book, full of magic and memories, that she gave me, I set to work and created a book trailer using the words and characters she created (with the help of what artistic ability I have). Since any talent to make music has been lost on me, the backing music is a piece called ‘Queen for a Day Part 2’ by Blackmore’s Night, a superb song from an equally superb group. And here the video is:

If you would like to find out more, you can find my mum’s website here, where you can find links to both versions of the book that can be bought on amazon. I hope you enjoyed the video; I am pleased to say my mum did, and I certainly enjoyed making it.



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