Progress is a Happy Thing

I actually managed to catch up somewhat today, which proves promising for the rest of the week. It’s strange how when you start to make progress, and feel like you are getting somewhere, that writing is suddenly made easier. You get into the flow, and that in itself is inspiration to continue.

So, even though I have not caught up completely to my word count goal, I did manage to write 2187 words today, which is quite an achievement considering my struggle to write anything for the past week. It brings my total for the month up to 7002 words, and the total novel word count to 54,767. Admittedly, I have not included half of what I’ve written this month in the novel because either a) it is terrible, or b) I couldn’t find anywhere for it to fit.

Today also brings an end to the 3rd section of the novel, so tomorrow I will be back to Fayna’s point of view. My plan is to write a chapter a day which should hopefully bring the novel to a healthy conclusion before the month is up. As my chapters are around 2000-3000 words each (though I do have a couple under 1000 words and over 5000 which will hopefully be amended in the edit), it should also help to bring my word count up. I am aiming for at least 30,000 by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.



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