Camp Update – Writer’s Block

This last week has been a bit of a struggle in terms of writing. I have been exceedingly busy and when I have found time to write, I don’t know what to write. It would appear that the unfortunate disease that is writer’s block has come to affect me.

So, in an effort to counteract my distinct lack of words, I am going to try throwing myself into writing this coming week, and attempt to catch up with my word count. Since the writer’s block seems to mainly occur when I try writing chronologically from my main character’s perspective, I have decided to start each writing session with a random scene written from another character’s P.O.V. I did this once, and it worked so well I brought up my word count ~2500 words in the space of an hour. And it was rather entertaining to write.

Drawing also seems to help. So if the above doesn’t work, I will try sketching out a character or an image from a scene and hopefully go from there. Since it is also a creative pursuit, it will hopefully help bring the words out from behind the curtain and onto centre-stage. If not, then I am most certainly in trouble. From what I’ve heard, exercise and fresh air can help, but it is really too hot to do much outside. Maybe in the evenings and early morning when it has cooled down a bit, I will give it a go. But no promises there – exercise and I don’t get on at the best of times, and there is only so much yoga I can do a day.

If you’ve experienced this awful affliction before and have any tips for beating it, let me know in the comments. Good luck with your own novelling, and hopefully this thing won’t prove to be contagious!



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