Summer Projects

Well, it is the 1st July, and the first day of my summer holidays, having just returned home from university. Since I have yet to secure a job, I have decided to devote my time to completing some self-assigned projects.

The first, and most relevant to this blog, is the long-overdue completion of The Unnaturals. My time management failed me completely during the last couple of months, so I have done very little of the novel. And since Camp Nanowrimo is running again this month, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get this book done. It is time to get on the rollercoaster once again.

Secondly – finish a sketchbook. I have so many sketchbooks, and most are only half full, if that. So, this summer I am going to break out the drawing pencils and get busy. I thought I might combine this project and the novel somewhat by sketching out scenes, places and characters, so there may be a few more pictures coming your way.

Thirdly, I plan to learn to sew. Or, more specifically, learn to sew using a sewing machine. I received a sewing machine for my birthday, and have no idea how it works at all. This in mind, it did come with a couple of how-to books, so I should be okay. If all works out, and I don’t break the machine, I should have enough skill to create some kind of clothing/outfit by the time I go back to university. Fingers crossed.

I also took up the Goodreads challenge to read a set number of books this year- I have given myself 20 books. However, as I only took it up last month, and I know I will have a lot of other non-fun reading, I’m going to say that 10-15 books will be good. So far, I have read 3.

A few non-creative pursuits for the summer are learning to drive (I had my first lesson today in fact – very exciting), and taking up yoga. I have a yoga mat, a book and a DVD, so I say bring it on.

Have a good summer, whatever you happen to be doing.



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