Inspirational Places: Aysgarth Falls


It has been a while, I know. And, unfortunately, I have done very little writing since my last post. This is for the simple reason that exam season befell me, and I literally had no time for anything enjoyable or stress-free. Thankfully it is all over now, so I thought my first post since I got my life back would be something to do with the open air and as far away from work as possible. I thought it would be time for another ‘Inspirational Places’.

At the beginning of the term, before I got too drawn in to studying, I went walking around Aysgarth Falls. It is a beautiful area, and I imagine it would be even more beautiful if the sun had come out, but as it were, it rained. Oh well. At least we were kitted out in raincoats and walking boots to overcome the weather.

The falls themselves are relatively famous, featuring in the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’. And I can see why. It is made up of three waterfalls; each connected by the River Ure, and even though they may not be the largest waterfalls ever, the cut of the rocks and the surround areas causes them to be quietly striking. I could see my characters hiking along the river’s side or riding on the water and having to defeat each fall one at a time (either that or some malevolent folk being dashed against the rocks, whichever works).









As well as the falls, we also encountered a number of animals, including a large number of sheep. It was on this walk that I saw a sheep run for the first time, quite impressive to see, I must say. It darted in front of us before leaping up a low mound. I was fairly sure it was trying to show off. Along with the sheep, there were many adorable lambs; some could only have been a week or so old. Most of the mother sheep kept them well away from us though.


I think that is it for my latest post. Hopefully this will be the beginning of an activity resurgence, and that there are many more posts to come.



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