A look back and a look ahead

We are well into May now, which means that Camp Nanowrimo is done and dusted. I managed to win, even after falling behind, which feels amazing. My final word count ended up being 50,229 but there is still plenty more the write. ‘The Unnaturals’ remains unfinished, despite my goal to try and complete the first draft by the end of April. However, despite that, it only means I get to set new goals for the rest of the year. So, here we go:

The first draft is to be finished by the end of May. Tomorrow I am going out to buy a sticky toffee pudding which I shall have upon typing ‘The End’. That should be reward enough, those desserts are delicious.

June shall be spent not doing anything at all, not least because it is exam season. I also want to give myself a break from the novel so that I can go back and edit it with fresh eyes, and a relaxed brain. Editing while exams are on the brain is not good at all.

The summer holidays (July to September), are to be known as Editing Season. I shall spend that time going over, correcting things, adding things and taking things away to create a detailed and complex equation that will equal ‘The Unnaturals’.

After that University starts again, and I will hopefully, if the story proves good enough, send it to some agents, cross my fingers and start hoping. To be honest, I have not really looked too much into this area was I want to focus on the novel and not get too ahead of myself.

But anyways, that is that, and as a ‘Yay! I won Camp Nanowrimo!’ I thought I would show you my first ever piece of artwork relating to ‘The Unnaturals’:

The Unnaturals

The paper was not very good quality which is why it went all wrinkly. But yes, this essentially shows one of my main characters (Annaliese) and two of the main settings, one for each side of the conflict between the Sun and the Moon. Both buildings are inspired by different eras of art history – the Ancient Greek temples (mainly the Parthenon) and a cross between Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals. There are parts of it I would like to change, but I think it is quite good at showing what I was thinking around the time I started planning ‘The Unnaturals’, even though the story has evolved since (Annaliese does not look much like that now for example). Anyways, I should probably get back to writing now.



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