Crossing Bridges and Building Castles – Switzerland

If there is any inspirational place in the world, it is most definitely Switzerland. I lived in Switzerland for two years, and even though I have moved back to my home country, I still miss it terribly. I mean, who would not miss the mountain views at every turn? Lakes stretching on for miles? Trains that arrive on time? The following photograph was actually taken from a train, just to show you how much of a presence mountains have in the Swiss life.


As well as impressive views, Switzerland also has plenty of history, culture, and just plain amazing places that easily inspire the imagination. One of my favourite places is the Chapel Bridge in Luzern. Basically it is a bridge across a lake. But just looking at it, I can picture it to be so much more. The bridge is wooden, with a roof held up by wooden poles. Near the bridge’s centre is a circular building, the inside of which I have never seen. That in itself leads to so many possibilities, for instance the circular building could be where guardsmen sleep when they are not guarding the bridge against enemy soldiers. Or it could a prison, once unconnected to the land, it may have held an infamous murderer, bent on bring chaos down onto the world. The bridge itself is decorated with triangular frescoes of a kind depicting religious motifs, revealing some more about its history and providing food for your muse.


As well as the Chapel Bridge, there are also a number of castles. For instance Chillon Castle, which lies on Geneva Lake. It is quite strategically placed, with only the entrance attached to the land; the rest of the castle is surrounded by water. This in itself makes for beautiful photographs when the weather allows (I unfortunately went on a relatively gloomy day), and the experience is only made the greater by the fact that inside the castle, there are furnished rooms, magnificent fireplaces and just an awesome feeling. It is great for research based around castles and the people that lived in them, as well as allowing for plenty of story ideas. Plus the surrounding area is gorgeous.

acastle       aview

There is plenty more to Switzerland, but if I did a post for each inspirational place I found there, I would have no time for anything else. So, I just did two in one and left the rest for you all to discover should you ever pay Switzerland a visit.

Coming up I will give a proper update regarding Camp Nanowrimo (which I won, if anyone was wondering), and what more is planned for ‘The Unnaturals’. I also have some book reviews in the line-up and hopefully some arty things too.




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