Update: Camp Nanowrimo

My apologies for the distinct lack of posts these last few days, I have just returned to university so my life has been pretty hectic. Hopefully I will be back on track soon. But, no worries, my writing has still been going relatively strong. There were a couple of days where I was just too busy or too exhausted to write, as much of an excuse as that is, but fortunately I have not strayed too far from target. In fact I am still just ahead of the goal for today’s Camp Nanowrimo target. Currently my word count is at the grand total of: 41,770 words.

And with a word count of such calibre, I feel it is time to award myself some more achievement badges. Over the last few weeks I have been travelling around and generally when I travel, I do so without a laptop. This has led to a number of problems when it comes to keeping up with my word count as I do much prefer to type, as I am far quicker at typing than anything else. However, it has also enabled me to get back in touch with that Stone Age technique of writing by hand. I do actually love writing with a pen or pencil, and handwritten letters are always the best kind of letters to get. Anyways, as a result of that, I managed to achieve the Old-Fashioned Achievement Badge, earned for writing 1000 words by, as you may have guess it, hand.


I also managed to earn the Late at Night Achievement Badge, which was not too difficult as it required the writing of my novel to be the very last thing I do before bed. I have done this on a number of occasions and, more often than not, it has resulted in me having a number of peculiar dreams. Here is the badge for that, the last one of today.


So this was essentially just a quick update to let you all know that I’m still alive and well. More posts will be coming. So you can expect that Switzerland post I mentioned a while ago to be cropping back up again, as well as some more novel updates and character information. I may even have some new things in store as well.

Also, thanks to everyone who liked my last few posts and those who followed me, you made my day. I’ll go and check out your own blogs soon 🙂




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