Days 3 and 4: Two Birds with One Stone

Four days into the month now and I cannot believe how far into my novel I have managed to get. I have just finished my fourth chapter, with a cumulative word count of 9490. By the end of the week I will have over 10,000! It’s a terrifying thought, yet also quite exciting.

I am giving updates of the last two days in one post as I had next to no time yesterday, only just managing to get in the words I needed to before going out to visit relatives. (Why these visits end up organised at the most inopportune moments, I have no idea).

First off, the stats for each day:
Day 3: I wrote a grand total of 2128 words, beyond my goal which is great and quite surprising given the short amount of time I had to write it in.
Day 4: 2040 words, again more than I was aiming for but slightly less than yesterday. I actually struggled slightly when writing it today. For some reason I was just really tired so had trouble keeping my brain focused on the task at hand. Once I got really into it though I found my word count just jumped about 300 words in the right direction which was a great shock.

Next up: The news. What is going on the world of ‘The Unnaturals’? Well, I have had my first death of the month. It was only a minor character by the name of Thackary (named after William Makepeace Thackeray who wrote Vanity Fair, with a slight variance on the spelling of the name, for anyone interested). His death allowed for the introduction of Maraline, who will serve as an antagonist in the coming events, as well as revealed more about my POV character and the world the story is set in. I quite enjoyed writing it, and hopefully it will add to the development of some of my other characters as well.

The ending of the fourth chapter also brings to head the main conflict of the story. That of the war between the worshippers of the Moon and those who worship the Sun. I am not going to go into too much detail of this here, but in short, the main religion of the world in ‘The Unnaturals’ is divided into four sects – the Sun, the Moon, Dawn and Dusk. The Sun Children are the dominant populace, with the Moon Folk coming in a close second. Neither much like the other, though have managed to live in an uneasy peace for the last few years. I want to explore this more in later chapters, revealing both sides of the story which is why my two POV characters are very useful.

I also earned another achievement badge:

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams: Earned by writing at least 1000 words in bed. I have actually found that I am far more productive writing in bed than writing at my desk. I don’t know whether it is because I find it comfier or what, but I just seem to get more done sitting in bed. Maybe I should just not bother getting up in future…

In the near future I am planning on posting some artwork relating to the story such as character designs and images of certain scenes.

Happy writing to all those doing Camp Nanowrimo, and to those who aren’t but love writing anyways!



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