Update: Day 2

Woot! Two days in and already I’m on chapter 3! This is what I call progress. Though, to be fair, most of that is due to my word spree yesterday. Today did not produce quite the same amount of productivity, mostly because I spent most of it being social. You can be sure that it won’t happen again…

My novel is going to be told in two POVs, a decision I made primarily so I could show what is occurring in both areas of importance. I’m quite glad I made the decision, if I’m honest. At the moment I’ve only been writing with one of my POV characters – Fayna – but it is giving me incredible insight into my supposedly ‘villainous’ characters. At least two of them have made themselves far more likeable than I had originally intended. And I have just discovered that Fayna is in fact bisexual, which makes for an interesting development as well as bringing in an unexpected love triangle. This should be fun.

Anyways, onto the statistics. On this day, 2nd April 2013, I wrote 1845 words. This brings my word count of the month up to a grand total of *clears throat* 5322 words. Blimey. Second day and I’m already over 5000 words. I think extra chocolate is needed to celebrate. And, it would appear I have another achievement badge to share (admittedly, I did get this one yesterday but since I already had two yesterday I had to post it today instead):


Modern: Earned for writing at least 1000 words on a computer (in this case a laptop).

Cheerio until next time!



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