Bribery and Corruption – also known as Motivation

Hello my Freaky Darlings!

This is no April Fool. Camp Nanowrimo has begun. The Horror! Oh the Horror!

Only joking, well Camp has begun but there is no horror attached, no more than your average trip to camp (though to be fair, I hated Kids Clubs and things like that what I was younger, so I can’t imagine what real outdoorsie camp must be like). All I have to do is write. The only problem is – how to keep up the momentum? How does one actually write 50,000 words in a month? The key, for me at least, is bribery and corruption.

I love me some rewards, and with Easter having just rolled by, I have plenty to keep me going…for the first week that is. I figured that if I banned myself from eating my Easter chocolate and only letting myself have some when I complete my word count for the day then I should have enough incentive to write the amount I need to. And it will keep me that little bit healthier. I hope.

While I was browsing the Nanowrimo forums I can across a thread with an amazing idea – achievement badges. I followed the link given and was brought to this blog. It contains a list of possible badges you can win as well as images of said badges to post on websites or print out. I like a challenge, so achievement badges seemed to be perfect for me. Some are definitely easier to get than others, but that only makes it more fun. You can be sure that whenever I win one, I will post it on here.

Telling people is also beneficial. It certainly adds the pressure. I know I did it on my first Nanowrimo, which I managed to win. By telling people you run the risk of certain humiliation if you fail which adds to the motivation to win. As a competitive person, the idea of losing and having other people know I lost is almost impossible to bear. So I try to tell at least one or two people. (Not too many, otherwise if I do lose it will be harder to avoid complete embarassment).

So with that, I shall leave you to get back to my story. A progress report shall be posted at the end of the day. 🙂



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