The Three Cs: Camp, Charities and Chocolate

Camp Nanowrimo starts on Monday. I officially cannot wait to get started on The Unnaturals. My story has been outlined to the best of my abilities and my characters are forming in my head. I just want to get down into it now. But, alas, I have to wait another two days so, until then, here are a couple of other things that have been preying on my mind:

First off:
This April, Accio Books will be having a book drive to garner lots of books for the Read Indeed organisation. It is an organisation set up to get books out to children who would otherwise not have access to them. Its founder Maria Keller wants to collect and redistribute 1 million books by the time she is 18, and has already donated over 800,000 books. So if you have any books that you no longer read or have multiple copies of, go over to Accio Books this April and donate away. For the Harry Potter fans, there are house points to be won for your house (Hufflepuff is the current champion). 10 points per book, or 15 if it is a Harry Potter book.

My younger brother is going to run the BUPA London 10k on 27th May to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. His aim is to raise at least £350 and is currently on £105. If you would like donate, please go here. It is very easy and all donations are greatly appreciated and go towards a very good cause. Think of all the children in hospital. Your money can help.

Thirdly and Lastly:
Easter is coming! And with it the start of both Game of Thrones and Doctor Who’s new seasons. That, coupled with the delicious chocolate that are currently lining the shop’s shelves, makes this weekend very exciting indeed. So enjoy yourselves to the maximum and have an excellent time. I know I will!



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