My Camp Nanowrimo

In my last post I revealed that I would be entering into this April’s Camp Nanowrimo. I did not, however, say anything about what I would be writing. That bit of information was left for today.

A year or so ago an idea grew in my head. What sparked this growth, I do not know, but over time this idea has been trimmed and shaped, with plenty of revisions, to what it has become today. The beginnings of a novel. The title I chose for this novel: The Unnaturals.

Admittedly, I will be cheating slightly, having already written the first part. So in order to play the game fairly, my aim is to write 50,000 extra words, not including the few that have already been written, and hopefully finish the thing. By the end of this year, I plan on having it ready for publication. There it is. The goal of 2013 out there in the public eye. I have to do it now.

Anyways, before I go completely off track, the basic premise of this novel is a girl caught in the middle of a religious and cultural conflict between two fictional sides – the Sun Children and the Moon Folk. There are heavy fantasy elements, most notably magic abilities bestowed upon the people of this world upon their birth, as well as some heavier, darker themes. It should be fun to write, and I hope people will like it afterwards.

Now to finish everything off, here is my Camp Nanowrimo Page:




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